Final Doctoral Research Paper Formatting Instructions

Length: Final doctoral research papers must NOT exceed 6000 words (approximately 12 single-spaced pages), including tables, figures, references, abstract, and keywords list.

Column: Place text in one (1) column, full justification.

Page Size: The page size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Margins: All four margins (top, bottom, left, and right) must be one (l) inch. The page layout and reference defined here generally follow the Guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Typeface: Must be 11-point Times New Roman type, except for the Title (16-point)& Headings (12 points).

Headings: 12 points & Bold, no Cap (Sentence case), Centered

First-level subheading(s): 11 points, Bold, left-justified

Second-level subheading(s): 11 points, Bold, Italicized, left-justified

Paragraphs: Alignment is left, NO indentation "Left 0", Right 0", Special: (none)| Spacing "Before 0 pt, After 0 pt", Line spacing: Single | One line break after each paragraph

Page Numbers: Centered must be placed at the bottom of the pages.

Title: The title must be in l6-point bold type, Times New Roman, and left-justified. Note: Only the first word in the title is upper-case. The title should not exceed 12 words

Authors: All names should be left-justified and bold following the university affiliation, and the e-mail address italicized.

Abstract: Must be a one-paragraph (100 - 200 words) abstract, (Times New Roman 11, justified text). DO NOT italicize the text.

Keywords: Select four to seven keywords that capture the essence of your paper. List the words in decreasing order of importance from left to right immediately below the abstract. Keywords will be used for an electronic index of your paper.

Tables and Figures: The formatting of tables and figures is left largely up to the students. Tables and figures should be sized and placed in the body of the paper. Care should be taken so that tables and figures are not separated between pages. Generally, tables and figures should be in Times New Roman l1 type, and table column headings should be in bold. Graphics should be clearly rendered to yield attractive, readable copies. All graphics should be included in the paper. Graphics can be in color, black and white, or shades of gray.

References: In-text citations in the body of the paper should be formatted in APA format - the latest edition. The References at the end of the paper should be in alphabetical order by author's last name. Each reference is "Hanging by .5 inch".

Footnotes: Footnotes are NOT permitted.