Archives of Doctoral Research Papers

Name Title
Jessica Butel Impact Of Security Framework Compliance On Operational Security: Examining The Red Tape
Christopher Tsavatewa Perceptions Of Data Governance: Identifying Critical Success Factors In A University System’s Implementation Effort
Dawn Tatum Gamification Of Security Awareness Training Programs: A Literature Review
Robert Arnold Internet Of Things (IoT) Devices And Security: A Narrative Review
Ndidi Akuta Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On The Information Technology (IT) Workforce: A Review Of The Literature
Christa Self The Many Applications Of Sentiment Analysis: A Literature Review
Franklin King Technology Stakeholders' Perceptions On The Application Of Gamification In The Contact Center: A Thematic Review Of The Literature
Zaineb Naamane A Systematic Literature Review: Benefits And Challenges Of Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics
Christopher Kendrick Implementing Value: Evaluating Systems Frameworks And Their Impact On Scalable Systems Implementations
Joshua Brunty Student Perceptions Of Experiential-Based Learning Exercises In Cybersecurity Education
Jimmy Harper Cybersecurity: A Review Of Human-Based Behavior And Best Practices To Mitigate Risk
Jimmy Ardiansyah A Systematic Literature Review Of The Cloud Adoption Framework
Kieran Fletcher The Role of Management Decisions In Creating Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities
Raven Small Telecommuting And Performance: Impact On Performance From Working Remotely
Caesar Clemente Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques In Predicting Job Viability of Information Technology Program Graduates
Christopher Adams Examining Distinctions Between Corporate And Higher Education Cybersecurity Program Development: A Narrative Review
Ans Irfan Climate Innovation And Technology: Community Perspectives On Advancing Social Equity
Mustafa Farouk Abo El Rob A Narrative Review Of Advantageous Cybersecurity Frameworks And Regulations in the United States healthcare system
Mohammad Islam Application Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Security Operations Center
James Adcock Quality, Value, And Acceptance Of Online Degrees As Perceived By Degree-Holders And Employers: A Review Of The Literature
Lindy Thorn Project Managers’ Experience And Its Impact On A Project’s Successful Completion: A Review Of The Literature
Jeremy Bro Impact Of Scenario-Based Training On Secure Code Education Programs
Amanda Glover IT Leadership On Classroom Technology Integration Within Higher Education: A Narrative Review
Michael Barker Alternative Credential Training In Cybersecurity: An Exploratory Study Of The Nexus Certificate And Degree In Cybersecurity
Jonathan Hobbs Cybersecurity Awareness In Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Faculty and Staff
Elizabeth Williams Actualizing Gender And Racial Diversity Inclusion In Computing Fields
Sonja Westbrook Strengths And Weaknesses Of Remote Work: A Review Of The Literature
Tom Williams Risk Trends By Industry: An Empirical Study In Ransomware target trends